When Inspiration Runs Out.

What to do when the inspiration stops coming, the flow becomes less flowy?

If I am feeling particularly stuck I turn to music. I close my eyes and imagine a story to go with the music. I see the scene playing out, I give the characters names and lives. Sometimes I star in the scene. I find this is one of the best ways to get my imagination going again.

Since I am also a writer, I find this pretty natural. Creating characters is an old comfort of mine. As rude as this may be, if I don’t like the person I’m with, or the conversation I will imagine another person, I’ll create a new character in my life, in my space… with whom I can chat to and that way I keep myself entertained whilst having to put up with people or conversations I don’t like. That sounds really bad but it’s fun.

I’ve been doing things like this since I was a little girl, and I still find it helps me get through the tough days where there is very little or no inspiration.

What do you guys do for inspiration?

Until Next Time…


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