My Favourite Yoga Poses

I have always had my favourites, they change often. When my health changes then my favourites change too. When I first started practicing yoga my favourite pose was butterfly pose. I have always had problems with my hips. My hips are very annoying. This is how I describe it. My hips can manage poses when they go out (like butterfly) but they really struggle when they have to go in (Reverse Pigeon pose) It’s weird I really don’t know how to describe it. So my favourite poses do tend to be very gentle.

Every yoga pose does something different for your body, for your health… physically and mentally.

Here are my current favourites!

Child’s Pose!

How I love this pose! That moment to relax and melt. Take a deep breath and sink into it.

Tree Pose!

Talk about balance! I love working on my balance. This is my go to.

Wheel Pose!

I have always had a flexible spine so I really enjoy this pose, the only down side is that my strength isn’t great right now.

So there it is folks. My favorite poses at the moment! What are your favorites?

I know this is a short post but I enjoyed writing it. 🙂

Until next time.


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