Meditation For Me

What Meditation does for me, meditation is so important and such huge part of my life. To give a little background on me; I used to be a pretty strict Buddhist, I practiced Zen Buddhism. My life had so much peace but then my mom got really sick and I relied on some bad influences. It happens to the best of us. We are human and life is hard.

So yes, meditation was a staple for me and I have just recently gotten back to my health and well being. I can’t stress enough how important getting back to meditation has been. I have healed so much already. Meditation allows me to find silence in the noise, find peace in the chaos and smile to myself and all the difficulties. I smile and greet everything with kindness. Meditation has brought so much back into my life. I am so thankful.

What does meditation mean to me? EVERYTHING.

How do you guys feel about meditation? What does it do for you?

Until next time,


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