I want to run!

I have a problem, I want to run but I can’t even walk.
I’m still stuck in my mom’s wheelchair, moving around as best as I can. I spoke to my yoga teacher yesterday. Hopefully I will be able to go back to class next week. I’m being optimistic that I will be able to start walking again soon. I can stand for a bit but then I need to sit again. My feet feel dumb…. and sore. I still can’t believe I managed to do this to myself. My mind is boggled by it.

My dogs are so confused as to why I can’t go out and play with them. It’s a sad time in this house.

I started on the My Shoes page and I am working on the content. I will hopefully post the first part of the story tomorrow. I’ve been doing a lot of writing at the moment. So at least I am still being creative. I’ve been posting on Wattpad everyday.

Hold thumbs for me that I can start walking soon!

Until next time,


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