Am I still alive?

Hello people! Yes, I’m still around. Things have been kind of difficult here as it has been all around the world.

Let me just say that my heart really does go out to all the people who are suffering or struggling in any way. If your mental health is suffering, if you have money issues, if you or your loved ones are high risk… whatever it may be, I am sending you loads of love and good vibes.

My mother is very ill as you may know already, if you have wondered over to My Shoes then you definitely know. I have just been spending this time trying to protect her from the virus. Then our internet has been on the blink, plus general lack of inspiration has kept me from updating. There have been many tears and a lot of heartache. We are in lock down here in my country, one week into lock down but I haven’t left the house in about seven weeks now.
I sprained both my ankles recently, so I couldn’t leave my bed, let alone my house. Luckily I am back on my feet now but the minute I could start walking a bit, I wasn’t allowed to leave the house. Oh well, the universe works in mysterious ways.

This is a trying time but intend to make the best of it and focus on my passions. I will smile as much as possible but I will also allow myself to cry when I need to.

The energies are strange and times like these are not good for our mental health. Please remember to be gentle with yourself. What ever you are feeling, feel it. Be safe, stay indoors and keep loving yourself. Send love to those who need it and if you can help those in need then do. I don’t know what it’s like in your country but I know in my country there are a lot of elderly people in need. If the laws in your country allow, then put on your gloves and mask, go and buy them some milk and bread if you are able. If not, then I suggest sitting in silence, think of those in need and send them healing, loving thoughts and energy, pray for them, even doing something small like this could make a difference.

I’m going to try and write a lot during this time. I’m busy with the next post right now too.

Again, I hope you are all safe and healthy. I’m sending loads of good energy to you all!

Until next time,


One thought on “Am I still alive?

  1. Wonderful post. You are such a kind and beautiful soul.

    I’m glad you are back on your feet, although it is sad not being able to go anywhere now, luckily you can walk and skip in the garden!

    Thank you for sharing and bringing some positivity and smiles to the people reading. Looking forward to the next post!🌻🌞

    You and your mother are in my thoughts btw.

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