Escape To Nature

Do you ever feel the need to escape to a place you have never been to before? I’m sure you have.

I have the need to make my way into a forest in a country I have never been to or sit on the foothills of a great mountain. I want to feel the snow, I want to see cherry blossoms. I just want to be surrounded by the quiet of nature. I catch myself having these feelings and then remember that I do have beautiful nature surrounding me. If I go and sit under the willow tree and close my eyes, I can listen to the tree singing to me. I don’t have to escape my reality because the trees in my garden can ground me. The flowers under my window smiles at me. The grass under my feet support me.

So my question to myself is… Why do I have the need to escape? Why do I want to remove myself from the place I am safe and loved. Why am I seeking solitude? I can go outside and be by myself. I can immerse myself in the tangible nature around me.

These are the questions I ponder when I am alone with my thoughts and feelings. Being human is so complex and yet simple.

All nature and living things are connected. I can greet a mountain I have never been to before by going to the mountain range that’s about an hour away. I can make contact with the soil in a forest which is in a different country just by touching the soil in my back yard. Why can’t this connection be good enough for me? We are constantly surround by nature and beauty even if it’s just the sunlight pouring down on us. It is after all the same sun that gives light to the rest of the world.

I don’t have to runaway to find beauty and peace. I just need to look. Sometimes I forget, sometimes I become overwhelmed and forget how wonderfully connected everything is. When I find myself forgetting or losing my way, I think of one of my favorite teachers, Thich Nhat Hanh. (I really want to visit Plum Village one day.) He teaches how we are all connected, if I smile at a flower and I think of him, I have the intent of smiling at him then I am actually, smiling at him. I hope that made sense. I can’t remember his actual words but that lesson made such an impact on me. We are all one, the trees, the soil, the flowers, the animals and the people.

In essence what I’m trying to say is, there is a whole world in one flower. Smile, greet it and you will be smiling at the world. 🙂

Until next time,


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