The Choices We Make

Choices, I always struggle with the choices I have made in my life. I think too much. Ultimately I need to make peace with the fact that everything happens for a reason. I don’t need to beat myself up for certain choices that I have made. I am human, I make mistakes and yes I do suffer with intense guilt. I’m working on that.

My point is, maybe you guys have made decisions that you regret or feel guilty about, maybe a choice you made hurt someone else or it hurt you… it’s okay, you don’t need to bully yourself. We are all human and if people want to judge you for your actions, if they feel the need to attack you, or speak their mind about your actions, that’s also okay. It’s their way of dealing, you don’t need to listen, you don’t have to defend yourself, just stay calm and be gentle with them and yourself. Please don’t take those judgments to heart. Ultimately what happened, happened for a reason.

I once worked through a teaching on forgiveness. Forgiveness in general. One of the points that stuck with me is, if you feel the need to apologize to someone and you can’t speak to them for any reason- maybe they don’t want to hear from you, maybe you lost their contact or maybe you’re just scared to reach out… you can still apologize. Sit in silence, hold their face in your mind and apologize. Keep up with this practice, apologize whenever you feel the need to, send them blessings and happiness, eventually that wound does heal.
This worked for me, I have used this practice to make peace with a number of people including myself and even though they don’t hear your apology, that energy still flows to them. You attract what you put out into the universe, I would rather be sending blessings and love to the people I may have wronged instead of fretting over the situation… the more negative energy I pour into the wound the worse it will get, it might never heal… who knows it might attract another situation which might give me even more grief!

There are lessons we need to learn scattered throughout our lives and we need to consciously acknowledge that.
Yes, I am human. Yes, I have made many many mistakes and yes, I have hurt people’s feelings… I need to learn from those mistakes, I need to learn my lessons and I will take on those lessons with love in my heart.
I will continue to send love to those who have wronged me and to those whom I have wronged. I will learn my lessons and I will grow so that hopefully I never make the same mistakes and hopefully I won’t create another pattern.

Be gentle with yourself and others, love yourself and others, honor yourself and others. Life can be ugly, let’s sprinkle some goodness and beauty over all the ugly situations.

Just thought I would share some intense thoughts and feelings with you guys. My opinions might differ from yours and that’s perfectly fine, I hope if you take at least one thing from this post its to just love… love with your whole being.

I’m sending everyone in the world loads of blessings and I hope life is treating you all well!

Until next time,


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