Yoga For My Mental Health

I am so excited, my yoga teacher, (the best teacher/friend in the world and I really miss her right now!) she has sent us our yoga classes! Yay! It’s so wonderful to hear her soothing voice during practice. I have been in a slump the past couple of weeks understandably, as I’m sure the rest of the world has been.

Besides the isolation and lockdown my mother has been getting more and more sick and I have been slacking in my practice. I find I am just too tired by the time I get to my mat and I have no motivation to practice. Receiving my classes has been the best thing to happen regarding my practice. I feel happy to get on my mat and take that hour and a half to myself, to be in silence with myself. To close my eyes and meditate. I know I am always saying how important it is to breathe and sit in silence but I admit, I fell down for a few days but I think I am back now. I will be practicing everyday, going back to my mat and coming back to myself.

Yoga has a beautiful way of keeping my negativity at bay, it allows me a huge amount of space to be calm and peaceful. I am so grateful for it. I still can’t do much with my feet, I can’t do anything strenuous so I will be focusing on Yin Yoga for now and perhaps some core and arm movements that won’t put pressure on my feet. No Sun Salutations for me… not yet at least, it has been eight weeks but I think I got on my feet too soon and it’s taking longer than usual to heal completely. I will just be gentle with myself.

I will be thinking of the world and I will be dedicating a few of my meditations to the people out there suffering.

I hope you guys are having a great day and I’m sending you all loads of love.

Until next time,


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