Change Of Seasons

Where I am, Autumn has shown itself. I find this season poetic, sad and beautiful. For me, it is a time of letting go, allowing the natural way of things to progress. Death is natural and if we let it happen with an open heart it can be beautiful.
It is a time of celebration too, we have a few birthdays in Autumn and Winter. So even though things have become dormant, there is always life in the home.

It’s my mom’s birthday in May, I wonder what it will be like this year. I want it to be warm, warm in every way. I want our home to be filled with love and happiness, I want it to surround her. I welcome the cold winter because I know the warmth that will come with it. The warmth of love.

I enjoy making the house I live in into a home, it’s well lived in… full of history and memories. The people I love in frames on the walls, my art littered around. Bursts of colour in the kitchen. My mothers paintings. The crockery I grew up with, fruit and vegetables, bright and ready to be eaten on the island. Santa Clause is still above the oven because he makes me happy. Trees outside all the windows. It doesn’t matter where I look I will find a tree, or two or three. My mothers energy is the heart of this home. I made sure of that.

Yes, Autumn is here, winter is well on it’s way but it is warm in my heart and my home.
I welcome whatever change may come, I embrace the lessons needed to be learnt, I want to grow. I want to change. I want to be renewed. I will take this time, in these cold months to better myself. I will become stronger, more courageous and above all, more connected to myself and this beautiful earth.

Sending everyone loads of love and good vibes.

Until next time,


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