Writing down your dreams

I tend to have vivid dreams, I always have and lately my dreams have been very weird. There are messages hidden in our dreams I have always believed that. I can hear my mothers voice now- “write them down, if you want to find out what they mean you have to write them down, with as much detail as possible. Then you need to analyze it. You need to figure out what every word and action that happened in the dream means to you. ” I never really understood her way of dissecting dreams and getting messages from them but it worked for her. She is such an amazing person.

I want to figure out what works for me with analyzing dreams. I want to find the right way for me. I want to start by writing down my dreams. I will keep a dream journal and in the morning as I wake up I will write down everything I remember that happened in my dream. What will be more challenging is if I wake up in the middle of the night from a disturbing dream, I want to write that down too. (I don’t know if that one will happen.)

This should be a fun exercise for me. I love dreaming, I love the world I go to when I sleep. Sometimes it is weird and scary but mostly it’s fun and peaceful. I just thought I would share this. I’ll probably do a post in the future about how it’s going or if I lost track and maybe stopped. (There’s nothing wrong with that.)

I hope this post finds you all well and healthy!

Until next time,


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