There Is Beauty.

I’m sure I have spoken about this before but it keeps popping up today. There is beauty everywhere. There is beauty in peace and in chaos.

I have been in slight chaos lately, it may not seem like chaos to others but if they had to live in it I’m sure they would be able to see the chaos too. Though, this morning I could see the beauty in the chaos. In my chaos. Once I could see it, see the worth in it, it started to feel better. It got less chaotic. Isn’t it amazing how just a change of interpretation can turn into a change of heart?What once was ugly, is now beautiful. What was hard, became easy. What was a chore became something I do with a smile on my face.

So I challenge you to see the beauty in your chaos, in your ugly, in your chores…. it will make a world of difference. it wont seem so harsh anymore. It will become better, easier and you will grow. We are here to see beauty, to experience the good things…. lets make more good things! Turn the bad into good.

I hope you are all having a beautiful day!

Until next time,


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