Have A Cup Of Tea

There are times when I am so dead on my feet. I want to give up and just sleep all day long. I know that I can’t do anything like that. I can’t just run away, I can’t stop living and ultimately I don’t want to but I’m sure you can all relate, there are times when life is just too much. When it hurts to breathe, to carry on, to keep smiling. There is no shame in that. Being human is hard. Living is hard but I try to remember the good things, the things that make me want to carry on, that make me smile, that keep me standing and moving. It is so important that we give ourselves the chance to believe in life again. 🙂

Life is so beautiful, it is magical and full of love and wonder. There is so much to appreciate and be thankful for. So the first thing I do when life is too much, when life is suffocating me… I make a cup of tea or coffee. I sit down with my delicious hot drink and allow myself a moment. I take a moment to breathe, to enjoy something simple and easy. Something comforting.

I want you all to know, that no matter what your life is like or what kind of hardships you have, your feelings matter and it’s okay to feel sad, or anxious, or however you’re feeling but remember to come back to yourself. Give yourself a big hug. Allow yourself a moment to feel better. Do something you enjoy. Find that time. Life wont fall apart and stop if you take a moment for you.

I am sending you all love and good vibes.

Until next time,


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