Feel The Love

How do you feel at this moment? With everything going on in the world, I often ask myself this question. How am I feeling right now? Often the answer is tired and lonely. Then, I remember that I am not alone at all, just outside my door, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing. All I need to do to feel better is step outside.

You are not alone, I promise you that. The sun rises every morning, go and greet it. Feel the love radiating down from it. Kneel down and touch the grass, or the ground… feel it’s warm embrace. Nature loves us so much and yet we do not feel it. When I feel down I know that I can go outside, no matter where I am and find some love in the nature and elements around me. Perhaps a playful breeze or some rain, a flower or a bird singing it’s song. Go outside and feel that love!

Until next time, and as always…

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