I find it amazing how colours come to me during my practice. I move into child’s pose and all I see is blue. When relaxing into saddle I see yellows. Or settling into warrior, I see orange. The colours just come and settle over me. Then after my practice I go and get my canvas. I lay on the paint, I make sure it’s think and bright. I move my brush over the paint, spreading it. by the time the second colour joins the first, my hand takes the place of the brush. I blend and smudge. I join the paints and I add white, some of the colours lighten, become pastel. It’s a beautiful process.

Inspiration through movement.
A colour for each pose.
A peaceful mind.

I highly recommend art or yoga, or both! It is a life changer. Even if you are a beginner, if you are clumsy, if you can’t draw a straight line. None of that matters! A beginner is a beginner and that’s wonderful. The process of learning is beautiful and before you know it, you will be flowing, you will be confidant and you will look back and smile at your process. Give it a go.

Until next time,


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