Hey everyone, how are you? I hope you’ve all had a beautiful week.

I thought I would write about grief today. I think at this point you all know what I have been through this year and I was just talking to one of my cousins, she lives overseas and I haven’t seen her since I was a kid but we have always stayed in touch. She messaged to check in on me and my dad. While we spoke I got to thinking about how I really feel. What my grief feels like and I explained it to her like this…
We all grieve differently and life tends to carry on. I can’t blame people for not standing still with me. So, it’s me and my dad, we’re alone, we’ve only got each other and we’re standing still for the moment. It’s tough but it’s better than forcing ourselves to walk before we’re ready.
That is what grief feels like for me. It feels like I am standing still while the rest of the world keeps moving on. I am in my own pain, standing still.

I hope you guys are okay and managing during these tough times. The world is a little crazy right now and I am sure we are all experiencing many emotions. I am sending out loads of love to everyone. Stay safe out there.

Until next time,


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