I’m Alive!

Hello Everyone! Yes, I am alive. It’s been a rough couple of months and I’ve allowed myself the space to feel every emotion. It’s important to give yourself permission to feel. I stopped doing the things that were adding pressure and only focused on the things bringing me joy and peace. I’ve been writing andContinue reading “I’m Alive!”

It’s A New Month

I can’t believe July is here. It feels like this year has just flown by! June was a tough month full of struggles and lessons to be learned. I am hoping that July will be gentler. July is also another writing heavy month since it’s Camp NaNoWrimo! I am already behind, but luckily my goalContinue reading “It’s A New Month”

How I Get Myself Out Of A Rut

So, I’m not having the best day… I’m feeling under the weather, I had way too much dairy yesterday so my nose hates me, I have eczema around my eyebrows and that pesky brain fog is still with me. My body is obviously telling me to slow down, all I want to do is eatContinue reading “How I Get Myself Out Of A Rut”


Hey everyone, how are you? I hope you’ve all had a beautiful week. I thought I would write about grief today. I think at this point you all know what I have been through this year and I was just talking to one of my cousins, she lives overseas and I haven’t seen her sinceContinue reading “Grief”

Life Right Now

Hiya everyone! I hope you have all been keeping safe and healthy! I just thought I would give a little update on my life right now. I have been working really hard on my writing recently. I have had to make some tough choices and I am having to look at my life from aContinue reading “Life Right Now”

Embrace The Change

So today I reached a bit of a breaking point and I realized I have to make a change. I need to start fresh. My mental health has been suffering and a lot of my old issues have come back. I have been suffering with flashbacks and I am in a constant state of fearContinue reading “Embrace The Change”

Being Social

I keep amazing myself at how bad I am at socializing lately. I was taught from a young age how to interact with people and how to talk about multiple subjects but this year has screwed me up in that department. I am suddenly the most awkward weird person in conversation. I’m pretty sure it’sContinue reading “Being Social”

Something Creative

Hi guys, I’ve been having a hard time. I have been second guessing everything, paranoia has been pestering me and my anxiety is high. Not to mention the grief. I want you guys to know that it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to say it out loud. Know that you can sit withContinue reading “Something Creative”

Going Somewhere New.

Hey guys! I have escaped for a while. I forced myself to get out of the house. I think it was about time that I got some country air. I have been stuck in my house with no one to talk to for just over three months now. I am getting really tired of talkingContinue reading “Going Somewhere New.”

Finding Peace

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. In a recent post I spoke about coming back to your breath as a way of being in the present moment. I know that some people struggle with just relying on the following of the breath taught in meditation. I know that sometimes that isn’tContinue reading “Finding Peace”

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