Have A Little Dance

Hello beautiful people! Tell me, when was the last time you got up and moved around? It’s so important that we keep our bodies moving. It feels awful when our energy becomes stagnant. I was reminded of that today. Today is a very windy day here, and I remember how I used to love theContinue reading “Have A Little Dance”

I’m Alive!

Hello Everyone! Yes, I am alive. It’s been a rough couple of months and I’ve allowed myself the space to feel every emotion. It’s important to give yourself permission to feel. I stopped doing the things that were adding pressure and only focused on the things bringing me joy and peace. I’ve been writing andContinue reading “I’m Alive!”

It’s A New Month

I can’t believe July is here. It feels like this year has just flown by! June was a tough month full of struggles and lessons to be learned. I am hoping that July will be gentler. July is also another writing heavy month since it’s Camp NaNoWrimo! I am already behind, but luckily my goalContinue reading “It’s A New Month”

How I Get Myself Out Of A Rut

So, I’m not having the best day… I’m feeling under the weather, I had way too much dairy yesterday so my nose hates me, I have eczema around my eyebrows and that pesky brain fog is still with me. My body is obviously telling me to slow down, all I want to do is eatContinue reading “How I Get Myself Out Of A Rut”

Fearing The Next Step

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t blogged in a while. Life went a bit wonky there for a second. It still feels like the world is spinning around me and I’m struggling to get my footing but the spinning seems to be slowing down a little. (Hopefully.) I decided to check in and write aContinue reading “Fearing The Next Step”

Life Update

So, once again I was humbled by the lack of internet. I was completely disconnected form the online world. I obviously have a lesson I need to learn because this keeps happening. It was two weeks of feeling lost and free. I realized a few things about myself and others. Without the internet I haveContinue reading “Life Update”

Hello January

Happy New Year everyone! 2021 has arrived! A huge part of me is shocked at how fast last year went by even though it felt slow most of the time. I suppose that’s because it was a year mostly spent in lockdown. We have all lost so much in 2020 but I would like toContinue reading “Hello January”

December Moods

Hey everyone! I put some mood boards together today and I thought I would share them here. I’m a very visual person, so creating boards like these really give me a boost of creativity and inspiration which I then channel into my writing. For me this month is all about trying to find some kindContinue reading “December Moods”

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