Greeting The New Year

Hello everyone! Can you believe it? This year is almost over! I am looking forward to a new year, and a fresh start. I will be writing a post to wish everyone a happy new year but I wanted to share my affirmations that I am planning on using for this fresh start. THE UNIVERSEContinue reading “Greeting The New Year”

Books That Made An Impact.

The Secret This is a book I keep coming back to. I was a teenager the first time I read it. My mom was a big fan and she encouraged me to read it and I am so glad that she did. It isn’t complicated, it is encouraging and gentle in it’s teaching. I foundContinue reading “Books That Made An Impact.”


Life keeps throwing me curve balls. We have had yet another death in the family and I just can’t wrap my mind around the truth of 2020. Besides the deaths, I have been struggling with my anxiety and mental health too. Its been particularly hard over the past couple of months. I have to keepContinue reading “Breathe”

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