Fearing The Next Step

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t blogged in a while. Life went a bit wonky there for a second. It still feels like the world is spinning around me and I’m struggling to get my footing but the spinning seems to be slowing down a little. (Hopefully.) I decided to check in and write aContinue reading “Fearing The Next Step”

Life Update

So, once again I was humbled by the lack of internet. I was completely disconnected form the online world. I obviously have a lesson I need to learn because this keeps happening. It was two weeks of feeling lost and free. I realized a few things about myself and others. Without the internet I haveContinue reading “Life Update”

Hello March

Hello everyone, I know I’ve been very quiet, and I know that March started like, a week ago. (Oops) I do hope that you’ve all been well out there! I don’t know about you but I can feel the seasons beginning to change and I can’t be more excited for the cold! Since it’s beenContinue reading “Hello March”

Greeting The New Year

Hello everyone! Can you believe it? This year is almost over! I am looking forward to a new year, and a fresh start. I will be writing a post to wish everyone a happy new year but I wanted to share my affirmations that I am planning on using for this fresh start. THE UNIVERSEContinue reading “Greeting The New Year”

Life Update

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all keeping safe and healthy. I can’t believe it’s the end of the year! I’m looking forward to 2021. I am in no way expecting all our problems to disappear but there is something so hopeful about a fresh new year. 2020 has taken so much away from us. It’sContinue reading “Life Update”

Embrace The Change

So today I reached a bit of a breaking point and I realized I have to make a change. I need to start fresh. My mental health has been suffering and a lot of my old issues have come back. I have been suffering with flashbacks and I am in a constant state of fearContinue reading “Embrace The Change”

I’m Alive!

Hi everyone, I have taken time to myself to mourn…. I thought it would be for the best, my Aunt passed away a month after my mom’s passing. So it’s been a time. At this point I feel like I need to try and get myself into a routine again, I will try to writeContinue reading “I’m Alive!”

How We Change and Grow.

I find it amazing how we change. We are constantly changing which is amazing! That’s how it’s supposed to be! How sad would it be if we are just the same person for years and years until the day we die. I think as humans we need to change, we learn, we grow and IContinue reading “How We Change and Grow.”

How Are You?

How have you guys been? I know it’s been a while. Life has been a bit difficult, I will post an update on My Shoes today too, my mother hasn’t been great. Therefore I have been away from my computer and I just haven’t been motivated to write but I’m trying to pull myself togetherContinue reading “How Are You?”

It’s Cold

I don’t know about you and people usually think I’m crazy but I love winter! Here, the cold has arrived. We have said goodbye to our very long summer and the trees are losing their leaves. It is fresh and crisp, I wake up in the early mornings and take deep breathes, I smell theContinue reading “It’s Cold”

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