Life Update

So, once again I was humbled by the lack of internet. I was completely disconnected form the online world. I obviously have a lesson I need to learn because this keeps happening. It was two weeks of feeling lost and free. I realized a few things about myself and others. Without the internet I haveContinue reading “Life Update”

Don’t Give Up

I find it so interesting how we are challenged when we embark on our healing journeys. I started my 21 days of self healing on the 3rd and its been wonderful. I’ve grown in so many ways but yesterday a trigger of mine popped up and I find my reaction interesting. I’m still overthinking itContinue reading “Don’t Give Up”

Hello March

Hello everyone, I know I’ve been very quiet, and I know that March started like, a week ago. (Oops) I do hope that you’ve all been well out there! I don’t know about you but I can feel the seasons beginning to change and I can’t be more excited for the cold! Since it’s beenContinue reading “Hello March”

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