When The Day Slips Away.

You know that feeling when you get up all energised and ready to work? You open your eyes and you are determined and then one small thing happens and you allow negativity to dictate how the rest of your day will go.

Then you get the days when you wake up feeling pretty normal, not especially excited or energised but you’re also not despising the day before it starts. You know you have certain things to get done and you’re happy to preform those tasks.

Then come the days (few and far between for me) where you get up, you get it all done. You are happy, your are energised, you are kicking ass! Nothing gets you down, nothing can ruin your day… those are nice days.

I don’t know about you but the most common thing for me, is waking up with all the grand ideas and great intentions, neither happy nor sad… Just tired… very tired. I wake up and I know what I want to do and I know what I need to do. I always get what I need to do done but I never get to what I want. Entirely my fault ofcourse, because I procrastinate, I sit in a heap and wallow about how tired I am. That’s when I really need to kick myself and do yoga, or pick up a paintbrush. Never get lost in feeling tired because that just amplifies it, as with any other thought or emotion that you put passion behind.
Today wasn’t any of these examples funnily enough. Today was like a mixture between the tired day and the first example. I got stuff done all day, but when one tiny thing set me off track, then I’d fall down in a tired heap. What a silly day.

But I do believe in celebrating small achievements as well as huge achievements. So Lets look at that.

  • I made my bed!
  • I ate food!
  • I painted two pictures! (I’ll post them soon.)
  • I have made dinner!

I know what you must be thinking- There’s no yoga on that list!
No, I didn’t just forget to add it, I didn’t do any yoga today and you know what? That’s okay. My body is still very sore from a workout I did a couple days ago….(I over did it) and we must never punish ourselves for taking a break. I did my Yin yesterday and now I just want to relax my body and my mind.
I will try to look past the tiredness and just enjoy the small achievements of the day.

Do this for yourself. Don’t bully yourself, be gentle with yourself. If you manage to do anything in a day, no matter how small or trivial, congratulate yourself, you deserve it.

Until next time dear readers.


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