Today’s Practice

Today in class we focused on grounding. It is late summer here, so grounding is key.

During meditation, nature featured heavily and I felt full of joy. I mainly practice Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga. I go to class for Yin, I just love the energy and the flow of a Yin class. I also happen to have the best teacher ever!

When I got home I immediately got two canvas’s ready. Small ones so I got two paintings done today. The colours I was attracted to was teal, pink and red, tiny bit of yellow. I’m still on the abstract side of art, I’m just going with the flow. I’m allowing myself to express my feelings that come up in practice. I usually use the colours that come up for me during my practice. The paint I choose to use will depend on the flow of my practice. Sometimes I feel like watercolour and other times I’ll go for acrylic, do I want to use a lot of water or no water? Do I want something flat and opaque or do I want something textured and shiny? My practice answers these questions for me.

I have already posted the pictures of my new pieces in the gallery but I’ll post them here too.

I hope everyone has had a beautiful Tuesday!

May all be well in the world.


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