Hi Everybody! I want to talk about something a bit difficult on here….my life and I hope that’s okay.

It will have it’s own home here, I will post it under My Shoes.

Just to give a bit of an introduction…
Life in my shoes has not been very fun. It’s hard, it’s icky and difficult to swallow but it does have its moments, moments where I can smile and laugh. It’s ugly but it’s also beautiful, it’s sad but blessed. It constantly keeps me guessing and pondering the difficult questions.
It makes me face my mortality.

Death is just another adventure, a road we all must walk. How will we greet death when the time comes?

I hope whoever ventures over to My Shoes will be able to take something from my experience and remember you can always share your experience with me if you want to. I will always listen.

Until next time,


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