Being Social

I keep amazing myself at how bad I am at socializing lately. I was taught from a young age how to interact with people and how to talk about multiple subjects but this year has screwed me up in that department. I am suddenly the most awkward weird person in conversation. I’m pretty sure it’s just because I have been out of practice since lockdown but it still shocks me every time. I got my hair cut yesterday and my stylist is an old school friend, so obviously she wants to catch up while doing my hair. I kept falling over my words, saying strange things. I even stuttered a couple of times. I can only shake my head at myself. Bless her though, she still wants to grab lunch one day soon. I’m probably being too hard on myself. But still…
This has been going on for a while now.

So what I’ve started doing is reading out loud. Mostly classics. I like to read more difficult pieces too, so that I can keep building my vocab which has dwindled lately. Language and speech is like anything else in life, you just need to practice!

Do you guys feel the same way? Has lockdown and the energies of the world kind of screwed up your ability to be around people, is talking an issue or is it just me?

Anyway, I thought I would air my feelings on this. I hope you guys are having a beautiful day.

Until next time,


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