No Internet?

I haven’t had any connection for the past couple days hence the zero posting, it’s really amazing how much we rely on the internet. We don’t really live real lives anymore do we?
No internet would be a great time to force oneself to go out, take a walk… look at nature for a while but alas I couldn’t do that either. I was man down for the past two days, some kind of tummy bug hit me hard and it’s been a long time since I threw up, my body was not a happy chappy. I accept this though, I obviously needed to slow down, slow down my thinking and my actions. I got sick, the internet stopped working and I was forced to sleep.
When looking at it like that, it’s all blessings in disguise.

So, when you get sick, or life throws a curve ball be thankful because the universe is always looking out for us. Often times when things go wrong it’s a blessing and a time to grow.

Until next time.


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