Improving Your Art

How can we improve? I wanted to write this list of all the ways I believe you and I can improve our art!

1. Look At Art.

Look at art all the time. Surround yourself with art. Find new artists to fall in love with, find old artists to fall in love with. Just let your eyes enjoy art.

2. Draw What You See.

This is something that I think is an important aspect to improving your art. Sit and draw what you see, learn how perspective and proportions work. Draw those thins over and over until it looks right.

3. Study

Do art studies, study different styles, study colors, study light… just study! Pick up an art book, or go to a museum and study the art.

4. Fail!

Don’t be afraid to fail, fail as much as possible! When we fail we learn, don’t be scared. Don’t get annoyed with yourself. Let the failures help you grow.

5. Practice!

Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing, try to do one drawing or painting everyday. Practice practice practice.

6. Have Fun!

Most importantly… HAVE FUN!! Just enjoy yourself. Art is a wonderful therapy if you let it help you. Smile and enjoy yourself!!

Until next time,


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