This is getting to me.

I think the not being able to walk is getting to me. I have so much respect for people who don’t have legs or have lost the use of their legs.

Our bodies work so hard for us, and when we are missing a part of our body it really screws things up. I suppose it is made worse because I am the person who takes care of everyone. I take care of my family and I have zero support so me being out of action is kind of hell. I have stayed off my feet for two full weeks and it has come to the point where I have no choice, I have to start putting pressure on them. I am still being really careful and I don’t attempt stairs or moving fast. The pain is still there and they are still pretty swollen but I am managing.

I suppose when you don’t have a choice there’s nothing else to be done. I hate complaining in general but this is getting hard. I know it was a lesson I had to learn. I need to slow down and think about me but I hope next time I need to learn a lesson it wont be this painful.

Anyway, how are you guys doing? I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

May this week bring many smiles and happy times!

Until next time,


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