Just Feel

So, yesterday I spoke of intuitive movement, today I would like to talk about intuitive painting. I find this a freeing activity. Once again, this is just for you, no ego is allowed in this activity. Still mind and intuitive movement.

What I do first is meditate, I will lay out my tools and paints in front of me. I will close my eyes and meditate, not for long, just a few minutes of deep breathing and calming of the mind. I allow my body to relax. I will then open my eyes and start painting. I will allow myself free movement with as little thought as possible. This is an activity of feeling not thinking. I use the colors that call out to me, I start painting. There isn’t a plan, just movement.

Whatever wants to come out, can then come out, in a healthy colorful way. Perhaps I will paint my tears or shapes representing how my tears make me feel. I may paint what happiness feels like, or love, loss, guilt…. there are no rules. What needs to happen on the page will happen. I find this is a good way of letting the overflowing emotions go. A way of moving away from the emotions to feel some peace. I lay it out on the page to better understand them, to accept them and then to let them go.

Besides it being a good way to make peace with yourself and your emotions, it’s also fun! Letting yourself run free with paint! It’s a wonderful feeling.

Do you guys have a special way that you like to let go of emotions?

As always I hope you are all well and safe, I am sending you all good vibes!

Until next time,


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