Move Around More!

I think it is so important to keep movement going. Your body needs movement, it helps with mental health. The mind needs to stay still and the body needs to move. Let us find that sweet spot where the two meet. Start moving around while keeping your mind still, like a walking meditation. What I like to do is intuitive movement. I like to get out into the sun, so I will take my mat outside, (I am blessed with a beautiful garden.) I will find a good spot and I will stand there on my mat for a couple of minutes. I will find my silence. I will calm my mind and slowly, gently, in my own time…I will start to move. I will let the breeze guide me, or the birds song move me. Find what wills you to move and just, move. Don’t worry about how you look, remember the mind must be still, so no ego is allowed to barge into this special time. Do whatever comes natural to you, lift your arms, spin around, sway your hips… just move.

I often do the same with my yoga practice, I move intuitively. The positions I need will find me and I will melt into my mat. It doesn’t matter how long you do these practices for, it could be five minutes or an hour. That is up to you and what your body needs, obviously if your schedule doesn’t allow for an hour, at least try to give yourself five minutes everyday of intuitive movement with a still mind. I of course encourage you to try this outside, but I do understand that not all of us has outside space to escape to in these trying times, so perhaps do this close to a window where you can hear, see and feel the outside nature floating in around you.

Remember, no judgement. This is all part of self care.

I am, as always sending you all loads of love and good vibes.

Until next time,


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