When your inspiration takes a turn!

Another day has gone by and I didn’t do any abstract work today! I sat and did two paintings as per usual, but they turned out to be cute little chibi style characters. I will post those soon. I think they’re cute. I just go with the flow with my art. I have been inContinue reading “When your inspiration takes a turn!”

When The Day Slips Away.

You know that feeling when you get up all energised and ready to work? You open your eyes and you are determined and then one small thing happens and you allow negativity to dictate how the rest of your day will go. Then you get the days when you wake up feeling pretty normal, notContinue reading “When The Day Slips Away.”

Today’s Practice

Today in class we focused on grounding. It is late summer here, so grounding is key. During meditation, nature featured heavily and I felt full of joy. I mainly practice Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga. I go to class for Yin, I just love the energy and the flow of a Yin class. I alsoContinue reading “Today’s Practice”

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