Music Is Good For The Soul

Don’t you love music? I love music. Someone just sang me a song while playing piano and sent me the recording. It was so wonderful to hear him singing and it brought such a huge smile to my face. Music is such a wonderful connection. I love it when someone sings to me and IContinue reading “Music Is Good For The Soul”

When Inspiration Runs Out.

What to do when the inspiration stops coming, the flow becomes less flowy? If I am feeling particularly stuck I turn to music. I close my eyes and imagine a story to go with the music. I see the scene playing out, I give the characters names and lives. Sometimes I star in the scene.Continue reading “When Inspiration Runs Out.”

When your inspiration takes a turn!

Another day has gone by and I didn’t do any abstract work today! I sat and did two paintings as per usual, but they turned out to be cute little chibi style characters. I will post those soon. I think they’re cute. I just go with the flow with my art. I have been inContinue reading “When your inspiration takes a turn!”

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