Conversations With Nature

Something I have been doing for years is making sure I talk to my plants and the nature around me. Nature is alive and has energy that you can connect with.

I like to walk around my garden, I make sure I touch every plant and I speak in calm tones to them.

I hug trees and I put my feet in the earth. I connect with the earth and I feel it calm me. I feel it all connect. I believe in being respectful to everything, why shouldn’t we respect and love the plants that give us oxygen, love the planet that keeps us fed and alive. Smile to the sun and say thank you to the moon. It is all connected and we are connected to it all.

I would like to remind you all to say hello to the flowers, and hug a few trees. I challenge you to take off your shoes and wriggle your toes in the earth. Feel how cool it is. Become grounded in it, touch the earth, smell it… This planet is our home, become aware of the planet. Become highly aware of the ground you walk on, know that the planet feels every step.

So, talk to the flowers and have a beautiful weekend.

Until next time,


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