I don’t want to go into crazy detail here because I am not a professional and I won’t pretend that I am. I just talk about my thoughts and feelings. I give advice based on my results but it is entirely up to you to use it, what works for me may not work for you.

When it comes to triggers, I think it is important to identify what triggers you. If you know a certain song will trigger you into feeling a certain unpleasant way then you deserve to know how to handle that.
It might be uncomfortable to think about it but what I did, was force myself to look at my triggers and try to understand them. When we understand what something is, or how it makes us feel then we have more control over those feelings. We can rationalize the situation and realize that we don’t have to feel out of control or scared because in that moment we can sit ourselves down, take a deep breath and understand that we are safe and secure.
The trigger can’t hurt us unless we let it. Those thoughts cant hurt us unless we let them. Our reality is what we make it. Know that you are loved even if you can’t feel it, you are loved.

Start being more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Listen to your feelings and take note when certain things make you feel uncomfortable, anxious, angry… etc. Whatever it may be, try to analyze it. Why does it make yo feel that way? What does it make you think of? Where is the discomfort sitting in your body. When you have identified these things then its easier to handle. It makes it more tangible and controllable.

One of my Reiki healers gave me a wonderful exercise to practice and it really helped me. When I am triggered and I feel an unpleasant emotion, like yesterday I felt paranoia and fear. What she told me to do was, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now feel that emotion, accept that you are feeling that emotion, don’t fight it. Acknowledge it. Then picture that feeling as a shape, see it in your body where you feel it has settled. (An example of this is, when I am paranoid I feel all that emotion sitting in the pit of my stomach, when I am anxious I feel it sitting in my throat.)
Then give that shape, that emotion a colour. Make it as tangible as possible. Take another deep breath and see it melting away. See it disappearing. See the area clean, and free from the discomfort.

Using this in conjunction with understanding my triggers has really helped me. A few years ago I would have been in a horrible way because of the trigger I went through yesterday but because I was given these tools and I used them, I felt immediately better. As soon as that paranoia was melted away out of the pit of my stomach I jumped into my affirmations. Repeating the good things, the good positive affirmations over and over until I felt my heart soar and a smile spread across my face.

Is there anything you guys do to help you through the triggers and the discomfort that follows?

I hope you are all well out there!

Until next time,


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