Something Positive.

So on a positive note. Today I managed something that surprised me!
I managed to do a forward fold. I touched my feet and it felt amazing. I haven’t been able to do anything besides Yin Yoga and even though it is very relaxed and non strenuous, many poses activate the feet and ankles. So most of my Yin practice has been tricky too. I haven’t been able to go into child’s pose for goodness sake!
I am so pleased to say that my ankles allowed a lot of movement and stretching today. Without any discomfort I managed a forward fold! I have been able to go into down dog the past couple of days with slight stiffness but touching my toes just felt so wonderful!

I think it is safe to say that eight weeks later, I am on my way to having normal movement in my ankles again. I am sure that I am a long way from full strength and I must still be very aware not to damage myself but I am celebrating all the small achievements!

What can you celebrate that happened today? We should strive to find all the good things that happened in our day. 🙂

As always I am sending you all good vibes and many blessings.

Until next time,


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