Those Good Thoughts

I wanted to write about affirmations. I think positive self talk is very important. I believe it’s very common for us as human beings to bully ourselves, to be negative in general. It makes sense, especially with all the content we take in everyday. Life has lost it softness, we see a lot of theContinue reading “Those Good Thoughts”

Meditation For Me

What Meditation does for me, meditation is so important and such huge part of my life. To give a little background on me; I used to be a pretty strict Buddhist, I practiced Zen Buddhism. My life had so much peace but then my mom got really sick and I relied on some bad influences.Continue reading “Meditation For Me”

People to count on.

Today I just felt like talking about something else. I just spoke to someone from my past, not too distant past, last time I saw her was probably a year ago. I used to see her everyday for about 3 years, but life changed and it took me on other adventures, crueler times. Times whereContinue reading “People to count on.”

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