Yoga For My Mental Health

I am so excited, my yoga teacher, (the best teacher/friend in the world and I really miss her right now!) she has sent us our yoga classes! Yay! It’s so wonderful to hear her soothing voice during practice. I have been in a slump the past couple of weeks understandably, as I’m sure the rest of the world has been.

Besides the isolation and lockdown my mother has been getting more and more sick and I have been slacking in my practice. I find I am just too tired by the time I get to my mat and I have no motivation to practice. Receiving my classes has been the best thing to happen regarding my practice. I feel happy to get on my mat and take that hour and a half to myself, to be in silence with myself. To close my eyes and meditate. I know I am always saying how important it is to breathe and sit in silence but I admit, I fell down for a few days but I think I am back now. I will be practicing everyday, going back to my mat and coming back to myself.

Yoga has a beautiful way of keeping my negativity at bay, it allows me a huge amount of space to be calm and peaceful. I am so grateful for it. I still can’t do much with my feet, I can’t do anything strenuous so I will be focusing on Yin Yoga for now and perhaps some core and arm movements that won’t put pressure on my feet. No Sun Salutations for me… not yet at least, it has been eight weeks but I think I got on my feet too soon and it’s taking longer than usual to heal completely. I will just be gentle with myself.

I will be thinking of the world and I will be dedicating a few of my meditations to the people out there suffering.

I hope you guys are having a great day and I’m sending you all loads of love.

Until next time,


The Choices We Make

Choices, I always struggle with the choices I have made in my life. I think too much. Ultimately I need to make peace with the fact that everything happens for a reason. I don’t need to beat myself up for certain choices that I have made. I am human, I make mistakes and yes I do suffer with intense guilt. I’m working on that.

My point is, maybe you guys have made decisions that you regret or feel guilty about, maybe a choice you made hurt someone else or it hurt you… it’s okay, you don’t need to bully yourself. We are all human and if people want to judge you for your actions, if they feel the need to attack you, or speak their mind about your actions, that’s also okay. It’s their way of dealing, you don’t need to listen, you don’t have to defend yourself, just stay calm and be gentle with them and yourself. Please don’t take those judgments to heart. Ultimately what happened, happened for a reason.

I once worked through a teaching on forgiveness. Forgiveness in general. One of the points that stuck with me is, if you feel the need to apologize to someone and you can’t speak to them for any reason- maybe they don’t want to hear from you, maybe you lost their contact or maybe you’re just scared to reach out… you can still apologize. Sit in silence, hold their face in your mind and apologize. Keep up with this practice, apologize whenever you feel the need to, send them blessings and happiness, eventually that wound does heal.
This worked for me, I have used this practice to make peace with a number of people including myself and even though they don’t hear your apology, that energy still flows to them. You attract what you put out into the universe, I would rather be sending blessings and love to the people I may have wronged instead of fretting over the situation… the more negative energy I pour into the wound the worse it will get, it might never heal… who knows it might attract another situation which might give me even more grief!

There are lessons we need to learn scattered throughout our lives and we need to consciously acknowledge that.
Yes, I am human. Yes, I have made many many mistakes and yes, I have hurt people’s feelings… I need to learn from those mistakes, I need to learn my lessons and I will take on those lessons with love in my heart.
I will continue to send love to those who have wronged me and to those whom I have wronged. I will learn my lessons and I will grow so that hopefully I never make the same mistakes and hopefully I won’t create another pattern.

Be gentle with yourself and others, love yourself and others, honor yourself and others. Life can be ugly, let’s sprinkle some goodness and beauty over all the ugly situations.

Just thought I would share some intense thoughts and feelings with you guys. My opinions might differ from yours and that’s perfectly fine, I hope if you take at least one thing from this post its to just love… love with your whole being.

I’m sending everyone in the world loads of blessings and I hope life is treating you all well!

Until next time,


Escape To Nature

Do you ever feel the need to escape to a place you have never been to before? I’m sure you have.

I have the need to make my way into a forest in a country I have never been to or sit on the foothills of a great mountain. I want to feel the snow, I want to see cherry blossoms. I just want to be surrounded by the quiet of nature. I catch myself having these feelings and then remember that I do have beautiful nature surrounding me. If I go and sit under the willow tree and close my eyes, I can listen to the tree singing to me. I don’t have to escape my reality because the trees in my garden can ground me. The flowers under my window smiles at me. The grass under my feet support me.

So my question to myself is… Why do I have the need to escape? Why do I want to remove myself from the place I am safe and loved. Why am I seeking solitude? I can go outside and be by myself. I can immerse myself in the tangible nature around me.

These are the questions I ponder when I am alone with my thoughts and feelings. Being human is so complex and yet simple.

All nature and living things are connected. I can greet a mountain I have never been to before by going to the mountain range that’s about an hour away. I can make contact with the soil in a forest which is in a different country just by touching the soil in my back yard. Why can’t this connection be good enough for me? We are constantly surround by nature and beauty even if it’s just the sunlight pouring down on us. It is after all the same sun that gives light to the rest of the world.

I don’t have to runaway to find beauty and peace. I just need to look. Sometimes I forget, sometimes I become overwhelmed and forget how wonderfully connected everything is. When I find myself forgetting or losing my way, I think of one of my favorite teachers, Thich Nhat Hanh. (I really want to visit Plum Village one day.) He teaches how we are all connected, if I smile at a flower and I think of him, I have the intent of smiling at him then I am actually, smiling at him. I hope that made sense. I can’t remember his actual words but that lesson made such an impact on me. We are all one, the trees, the soil, the flowers, the animals and the people.

In essence what I’m trying to say is, there is a whole world in one flower. Smile, greet it and you will be smiling at the world. 🙂

Until next time,


Time To Read.

With everything that is going on in the world currently, I find that getting lost in a really good book can be rather beneficial for one’s mental health. I already am an introvert and I spend my life indoors but there is this weird thing that seems to happen in the brain when someone tells you, you can’t do something, that it’s against the rules. By golly, I want to do that! For the first time in ages, I want to leave the house because I am being told that I cant. Like when you were a kid and your mom told you not to touch something, that you can’t touch that thing… all you want to do is touch it. Though, when you did touch the thing you weren’t supposed to, you probably got into trouble with your mom. Was it worth it?

You know, there’s a great way to escape and leave your current reality for a bit without putting anyone in danger. Read a book! I have my TBR all ready to go and I have been reading like a crazy person. I have always been a bookworm and a major geek but in this time of uncertainty there is nothing like returning to a world you love. It’s like a hug, a safe place to get lost. Not to mention how wonderful it feels to hold a whole world in your hands, plus… books smell amazing. 🙂

So, what are you guys doing in this time of isolation? How are you escaping while staying safe?

I hope all is well with you.

Until next time,


Finding Peace.

I think in this time we all need to learn how to breathe again.

We are usually rushing everywhere, we never stop… we never give ourselves time to breathe. I think coming back to the breath is very important.

Now we have more than enough time. I don’t think we need to pressurize ourselves in this time, we don’t have to learn a new language or start a new business (unless you want to), if you are suffering from anxiety, depression or paranoia… hell, if you just feel under the weather and sad, please be kind to yourself. If you can’t handle the pressure then that’s okay. We don’t have to spread ourselves thin, but I do think we need to learn how to breathe again.

In times like these I think we should turn to healing. Healing for ourselves and all the people who need it around the globe. Mediating on an intention of healing for yourself, or the world or both, can make such a huge difference. It may not feel like it at first but everything does have a frequency and now more than ever, I feel like we can see how we are truly connected to one another.

So, this is what I like to do – I sit in my favorite spot, on my mat in my room facing the window. If it’s a nice sunny day I will sit outside under our big willow tree. I like to have my face towards the light. Then I will close my eyes. Depending on the healing intent, I will either put my hands over my heart, on my stomach or simply on my knees, palms facing up. I usually suggest that you just do what comes naturally, that is often the right thing to do.
Then I start to focus on my breath. I won’t do any intense exercises. This practice is me becoming acquainted with my breath again. I follow my breath in and out, often times a smile will settle on my face. I can feel the energy lift around me and warmth surrounds me.

This is a simple practice, it is a good place to start if you want to get to know yourself again. I mean, what would you be without your breath?

Take some some time for yourself and enjoy.

Until next time,


Am I still alive?

Hello people! Yes, I’m still around. Things have been kind of difficult here as it has been all around the world.

Let me just say that my heart really does go out to all the people who are suffering or struggling in any way. If your mental health is suffering, if you have money issues, if you or your loved ones are high risk… whatever it may be, I am sending you loads of love and good vibes.

My mother is very ill as you may know already, if you have wondered over to My Shoes then you definitely know. I have just been spending this time trying to protect her from the virus. Then our internet has been on the blink, plus general lack of inspiration has kept me from updating. There have been many tears and a lot of heartache. We are in lock down here in my country, one week into lock down but I haven’t left the house in about seven weeks now.
I sprained both my ankles recently, so I couldn’t leave my bed, let alone my house. Luckily I am back on my feet now but the minute I could start walking a bit, I wasn’t allowed to leave the house. Oh well, the universe works in mysterious ways.

This is a trying time but intend to make the best of it and focus on my passions. I will smile as much as possible but I will also allow myself to cry when I need to.

The energies are strange and times like these are not good for our mental health. Please remember to be gentle with yourself. What ever you are feeling, feel it. Be safe, stay indoors and keep loving yourself. Send love to those who need it and if you can help those in need then do. I don’t know what it’s like in your country but I know in my country there are a lot of elderly people in need. If the laws in your country allow, then put on your gloves and mask, go and buy them some milk and bread if you are able. If not, then I suggest sitting in silence, think of those in need and send them healing, loving thoughts and energy, pray for them, even doing something small like this could make a difference.

I’m going to try and write a lot during this time. I’m busy with the next post right now too.

Again, I hope you are all safe and healthy. I’m sending loads of good energy to you all!

Until next time,


Conversations With Nature

Something I have been doing for years is making sure I talk to my plants and the nature around me. Nature is alive and has energy that you can connect with.

I like to walk around my garden, I make sure I touch every plant and I speak in calm tones to them.

I hug trees and I put my feet in the earth. I connect with the earth and I feel it calm me. I feel it all connect. I believe in being respectful to everything, why shouldn’t we respect and love the plants that give us oxygen, love the planet that keeps us fed and alive. Smile to the sun and say thank you to the moon. It is all connected and we are connected to it all.

I would like to remind you all to say hello to the flowers, and hug a few trees. I challenge you to take off your shoes and wriggle your toes in the earth. Feel how cool it is. Become grounded in it, touch the earth, smell it… This planet is our home, become aware of the planet. Become highly aware of the ground you walk on, know that the planet feels every step.

So, talk to the flowers and have a beautiful weekend.

Until next time,


Sit and Stare

I keep waiting for the day I can get up and do whatever I want in the day. I will walk and skip and garden. I will do yoga and I will stand painting out in the sun.

My list of things that need to be done when I can walk properly keeps growing. 🙂 and I cant wait!

I have a big commission coming up next month, a rather large abstract piece! Looking so forward to it. I know I will be better by then. I also have a cake order next month, so things are looking busy. Which is great! For now I will keep daydreaming about walking around normally.

I have updated my page My Shoes, please do go have a look and feel free to comment!

I spoke about some of my experiences and put some of my feelings into words. My mom is still with us and I am so grateful.

I hope you are all doing well and I will post soon!

Until next time,


Improving Your Art

How can we improve? I wanted to write this list of all the ways I believe you and I can improve our art!

1. Look At Art.

Look at art all the time. Surround yourself with art. Find new artists to fall in love with, find old artists to fall in love with. Just let your eyes enjoy art.

2. Draw What You See.

This is something that I think is an important aspect to improving your art. Sit and draw what you see, learn how perspective and proportions work. Draw those thins over and over until it looks right.

3. Study

Do art studies, study different styles, study colors, study light… just study! Pick up an art book, or go to a museum and study the art.

4. Fail!

Don’t be afraid to fail, fail as much as possible! When we fail we learn, don’t be scared. Don’t get annoyed with yourself. Let the failures help you grow.

5. Practice!

Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing, try to do one drawing or painting everyday. Practice practice practice.

6. Have Fun!

Most importantly… HAVE FUN!! Just enjoy yourself. Art is a wonderful therapy if you let it help you. Smile and enjoy yourself!!

Until next time,


This is getting to me.

I think the not being able to walk is getting to me. I have so much respect for people who don’t have legs or have lost the use of their legs.

Our bodies work so hard for us, and when we are missing a part of our body it really screws things up. I suppose it is made worse because I am the person who takes care of everyone. I take care of my family and I have zero support so me being out of action is kind of hell. I have stayed off my feet for two full weeks and it has come to the point where I have no choice, I have to start putting pressure on them. I am still being really careful and I don’t attempt stairs or moving fast. The pain is still there and they are still pretty swollen but I am managing.

I suppose when you don’t have a choice there’s nothing else to be done. I hate complaining in general but this is getting hard. I know it was a lesson I had to learn. I need to slow down and think about me but I hope next time I need to learn a lesson it wont be this painful.

Anyway, how are you guys doing? I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

May this week bring many smiles and happy times!

Until next time,


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