Working too hard

When do you draw the line? How do you know when to be strict with yourself? I have been working pretty damn hard lately and I’m feeling it but when I get into the zone I just can’t stop, so I will keep going for hours and hours in front of the computer. Never leavingContinue reading “Working too hard”

When You Have To Decide.

I have a pretty big decision to make and I am on the fence. Often times when I can’t make up my mind about something it’s because I’m scared. I’m scared of what people will think and say because of my actions. With this decision in particular, it started out as a thing to betterContinue reading “When You Have To Decide.”

People to count on.

Today I just felt like talking about something else. I just spoke to someone from my past, not too distant past, last time I saw her was probably a year ago. I used to see her everyday for about 3 years, but life changed and it took me on other adventures, crueler times. Times whereContinue reading “People to count on.”

When Inspiration Runs Out.

What to do when the inspiration stops coming, the flow becomes less flowy? If I am feeling particularly stuck I turn to music. I close my eyes and imagine a story to go with the music. I see the scene playing out, I give the characters names and lives. Sometimes I star in the scene.Continue reading “When Inspiration Runs Out.”

No Internet?

I haven’t had any connection for the past couple days hence the zero posting, it’s really amazing how much we rely on the internet. We don’t really live real lives anymore do we? No internet would be a great time to force oneself to go out, take a walk… look at nature for a whileContinue reading “No Internet?”

When The Day Slips Away.

You know that feeling when you get up all energised and ready to work? You open your eyes and you are determined and then one small thing happens and you allow negativity to dictate how the rest of your day will go. Then you get the days when you wake up feeling pretty normal, notContinue reading “When The Day Slips Away.”

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